The 10 Commandments of Applying Makeup Like a Pro

Applying makeup is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and practice. While it may seem quite easy when you are looking at someone doing a makeup, but it is indeed a very tricky business. If you know the right techniques, you can get a wow touch to your face. This is true for everything from mascara to eyelash to lipstick. Everything requires a specific technique without which it can just give an ordinary look.

Here we are going to tell you how you can use makeup like a pro.

  1. Concealer

It is not recommended to use concealer on the eyelids as it can make your eye makeup look very shabby and out of place. It also gives wrinkled eyelids and due to which it would b very difficult to carry eye shade.

  1. Foundation

Foundations come in many forms. From stick to liquid, you can use whatever form you are comfortable with. However, a liquid foundation is not usually recommended for oily skins. For sheer coverage of foundation, you should always use your fingers. For medium or full coverage uses a brush. Your foundation should be well blended and equal on all sides of face and neck.

  1. Powder

Do not use the powder everywhere on the face. It will give you a very whitish complexion that does not look nice. Start from the area where you shine the most, especially your T-zone. You can just brush off everywhere else.

  1. Bronzer

Bronzer can be applied to face, neck, and chest to give even skin tone. After applying the bronzer step back and make sure everything is the same color.  Use very light strokes. Apply on the areas where the sun will hit directly.

  1. Blush

The blush comes in the form of powder. You can apply it with a very good brush specially made for this purpose. Smile and apply the blush on your cheekbones. Take the brush to the top of the ears down to the jaw line.

  1. Eyebrow

A good eyebrow is half makeup done. You can use eyebrow pencil or crayon to fill in the gaps in the eyebrows. Use the pencil on the top of the brows to uplift the face.

  1. Lipstick

The right way to apply lipstick is to start from the Cupid and take it to the corners of the mouth. Wearing the right colored lipstick is also a tricky thing.  Experts say that if you are wearing light eye shadows, you can complement a dark or bright colored lipstick.

  1. Eyeshadow

To get really gorgeous eyes, you should use matte eyeshadows base matched with the lightest part of your face. Properly blend the eye shadow on the lids up to the eye brow.

  1. Eyeliner

Many people do not get it straight from the magazines. The trick is to get as close as possible to the mirror, tilt your head in an upward direction and apply the liner while you look down. Start from the inner corner of the eye till you reach the outer corner

  1. Mascara

Mascara is used for giving an extended eyelash look. Start from the roots of your eyelash and all the way up in a zigzag manner.


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